Brief Update – What’s been going on?

by williamtheconquered

Hi all,

I’ve been here for about a month now. God has been so good to me. I’m settling in fairly well here. I’ve gotten adjusted to the city transit system and have been involved in a lot of really good things going on.

I would have started this blog sooner, but I came here without a computer. I’m still waiting for my personal computer to arrive. Until then, I won’t be able to put together photos or videos to show you what I’ve been up to. I’ve got some really cool things, but if you’ll be patient with me, I’ll post new things as soon as I get my computer.

This week, I went to the Foreign Police headquarters to submit all the paperwork I spent months obtaining when I was in the US. All my paperwork checked out except for one very, very big problem. The FBI mistyped my birthday on one form, nullifying everything I was submitting to the Slovak Foreign Police.

This leaves me three options:

  1. Contact the FBI to see if they’ll quickly correct the mistake and mail me the new paperwork ASAP
  2. Fly back to the US, start the application process over again and wait another 3 months for the approval (NOT HAPPENING. CAN’T. WON’T.)
  3. Leave Slovakia when my time limit expires in 2 months and spend the next six months traveling between non-Schengen countries

Thanks to some very patient, hard-working parents, I’ve managed to make contact with the FBI and send in a formal request for changes to my paperwork. All my work is done on my end, so now I just have to wait to see if they’ll agree to quickly change the paperwork. As I quickly mentioned before, I have two months before I am required by law to leave Slovakia if my paperwork has not come in by then.

Please pray, friends, that God will soften the hearts and quicken the hands of those in control of my paperwork. I’d sure love to stay and finish the work God allowed me to start in Slovakia.