Careful Eyes and a Testimony

by williamtheconquered

A crucial part of my job here in Bratislava is spent proofing listener responses for security concerns. I remove sensitive information while leaving the story as close to its original form as possible. It’s pretty awesome and, still, terrifying to think that the information is directly tied to an individual or multiple individuals’ lives. This work is pretty crucial. Here is a beautiful testimony from a listener in one of the regions I am responsible for. Edifying, for sure.

I had lived my early life as a follower of the religion of our country, but only in appearance and not with my heart. My parents were fanatical followers of this religion. Especially my two brothers and my father. They force me to cover my face with a veil, whether I liked it or not. My mother, however, has a tender heart. Only my mother had noticed a change in my eyes. She said, “What has happened to you my daughter? Your look has changed, it has become a magnet!”

Actually, I do not know exactly how to explain it. My gaze was not weird or hard, but I would say it was fleeting or unstable. I was often reproached by others because of this.

After Jesus had brought this change in me, my mother noticed it.
I asked, “Are you sure you like the change that God did in me?”
She said, “Yes, my daughter. I too would like to have the wonderful loving eyes you have.”
I told her, “What you see in me is the wonderful Jesus Christ to whom I gave my heart and my life.”
At these words, my mother fell to her knees, her eyes filled with tears of joy.
She said, “I also gave my life to Jesus, but if your father and your brothers would know this, they would certainly kill us.”

While we were discussing this, we realized that my father was behind the office door, and that he had listened to everything. Suddenly, he opened the door.  He saw us trembling. He came to us with a smile and said, “Do not be afraid, we are not those who kill, but those that our religion had led into error.” Then, he turned to my mother and said, “I know that our daughter listened to the radio in secret. As I noticed the peace of God in her, I let it go.” Then, looking boldly at my father, my mother cried out, “Blessed be Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, the God of all gods, He who breaks the hearts of brass and fills with tenderness and love.”

My father´s heart was touched immediately. Then he turned to me and said to me, “Could you sing again the song of joy that I had heard you singing softly the other day while hiding in your room?” Indeed, my father knew all about me without me knowing it. I said, “Yes, it’s a song that I composed myself.”  The chorus says: Oh, my heart filled with joy, sings of my salvation, I accepted Jesus my King, My great Redeemer, may my family and I share the same happiness.

While I was singing, my two brothers arrived. They found us overjoyed and said, “What has happened? How did joy come into this house that we only know as one with arguments and squabbles? Please share your joy with us?” My father answered and said, “Jesus, the Lord of joy himself has brought the joy that you see into our house, so let us rejoice together.” My brothers were surprised to see their father had changed his course. After a minute of silence, their faces lit up and they said, “Only Jesus could change our sadness into joy. So let us adore him with all our heart!” So, I saw the fulfillment of the word in the Bible that says: Believe in Jesus, and you and your house will be saved. Thank you, brother, for your wonderful work. Do not forget to thank the whole radio team of TWR that shook the religion.

God is good. Please pray for these people.