Good news and a trip to Croatia!

by williamtheconquered

After several weeks of scrambling to get my FBI paperwork corrected and being in the dark as to its status as well as my future in Slovakia, I finally have good news. As of today, Wednesday June 13th, I now have the corrected paperwork. Next week, I will spend another early morning at the Foreign Police office to resubmit my application for a Slovak Visa.

Along with that great news, I’ve also been asked to accompany our Central European Ministry Director on his trip to visit our ministry partner in Croatia.

For those that don’t know, Croatia can be found here:

I’ve been asked to go down there and gather a great deal of pictures of our ministry partner and the surrounding area as well as documenting the recording of a Project Hannah radio program for broadcast; Project Hannah is a vast women’s ministry and an integral part of TWR’s ministry. I’ve done editing work with the Project Hannah Director before when I was working in Cary, NC. Their ministry is huge and, in a lot of cases, critical to the local Christian communities.

If you’d like to know more about Project Hannah and how you can pray for them and alongside them, visit the Project Hannah Website.