Another Letter

by williamtheconquered

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually posted something of substance up here to read, but that void is coming to a close. If all goes well, I should be meeting up with some missionaries as they head from Budapest, Hungary to Prague, Czech Republic. They’ve been very kind and gracious to carry my laptop overseas. Saturday, June 30th, I should have a laptop that I can write more articles, edit photos from my travels so far, and post more videos I’ve made! You’re in for a lot of treats soon!

Here is a letter that had been translated for us. As I said before, my job is to monitor things that come in or go out of our area of ministry to make sure that sensitive details are omitted to protect whoever it is that sent the communication and whatever they might be involved in. My job also includes me taking the often very broken letters we receive and connecting the dots to make sure that their intentions are accurately communicated.

Aside from security, the most important thing I seek to accomplish with these letters is the accuracy and purity of their letters. Obviously, I don’t want to fill in sentences to help make the story more interesting or even more complete. No, then I would be writing the letters myself and people would be praying for imaginary people constructed by my own brain. I absolutely don’t want that. It’s an awful thing to think about. Conversely, the cool part about what I do is that I try to leave in all these little intimations of how these people feel, think, and express themselves. Even if it is grammatically or structurally incorrect. How else would people see the beauty of their stories or sincerity of their needs? So if you see things that sound awkward, misplaced, or misspoken, don’t assume it’s my error. These are their words, to the best of my efforts.

Anyway, here is a story I worked on today. These things come in very regularly, so don’t go thinking that this is me spreading propaganda in selfish efforts to support or validate the ministry I’m a part of here in Slovakia.

Letter from a Kazakh Listener

My name is J. I’m a Kazakh in northwest China. I’m a college graduate and in my late 30s now. My family follows the local religion and ever since I was a child, I was taught that there is a God who governs all things. In the year 2000, I hit a low point in my life and my career. When I was shepherding sheep on the mountains, I used to listen to radio to search for comfort. By chance, I came across TWR’s Christian broadcast one day. I still remembered the resistance in my heart back then.

However, my heart was deeply attracted to God’s Word. On one hand, the traditional legalism of the local religion was binding my head. On the other hand, a totally new teaching and faith were challenging my heart. I was facing an intense struggle then. Eventually, I decided to just listen to it and began to take notes on the message—including portions that appealed to me and portions that I didn’t understand. I had two thick notebooks with my notes from the broadcasts. The more I listened to the message, the more I longed for His Word.

In those days, I desired for a Bible but couldn’t find one. Three months later, the broadcast was encouraging listeners to pray a sinner’s prayer, and without second thought, I followed the presenter in praying the prayer. After that, I felt total relief and a bubbling joy deep down from my heart. I had never felt this in the past; I then threw the items from my past religion into the fire. From then on, I kept listening to the broadcast. I got a Bible later and continue to read it daily.”

God is good.